Our Mission

1. Our purpose is to provide children and adults with a clean, well-maintained, and relaxed environment in which excellent comprehensive dental care will be provided.

2. We will stay in the forefront of our community as a provider of restorative, cosmetic, and esthetic dentistry as well as periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, and implant dentistry.

3. We will educate our patients to improve their dental health, emphasizing restoration and preservation of teeth over their removal.

4. As members of this office, we know our words and actions will directly affect how our patients perceive us and the level of care we are able to provide. It is our goal to provide an efficient, professional, compassionate, and trustworthy dental clinic, which emphasizes modern high quality dentistry.

5. Patients often come to our office with fear, apprehension, and distrust of dentists and dental clinics. We feel it is our duty to make our patients feel cared about, relaxed, and comfortable. The public expects and demands ethical treatment in a courteous and professional manner from the members of this office.